Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 365 - Stop Following Me.

"Are you following me? Time to move forward!"

Here we are (again).  In the year since Leevi came into this world, so much has changed.  We've moved states, changed job responsibilities, adjusted to living in a townhome, had a bunch of adventures, and grown to appreciate how much family can really help you out. Adding a second child really does a lot more than just double the crazy-level in the house.  It magnifies everything, including the great times.   Leevi has had numerous adventures with us, and on his own, and it has been quite an exciting journey in which to participate.  ,As always, we truly want to thank everyone, friends and family, that have helped us along the way.  So many things in our life could not have happened without them, this blog not the least of them.  I hope to continue with Leevi's pictures in a similar fashion to Paige's blog.  Stay tuned to both blogs for more!

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